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Planting wall
Individual design - Dura Garden planting wall.
What can be nicer than a planted wall? The Dura-Garden planting wall was specially developed for plants. The Dura-Garden planting wall turns your garden, courtyard or free space into a green oasis. It helps create a quiet place in a green environment, it protects from wind, noise and prying eyes, it also blocks your view of less attractive spaces. And it is a ‚living‘ wall. The Dura-Garden planting wall generates a natural living space in your garden.
Dura-Garden Planting wall
All advantages at a glance

Despite of its light and airy structure due to its filigree ornaments, the Dura-Garden planting wall is sturdy, weather-proof and durable, as are the Dura-Garden fence systems. The special locking system allows the replacement of a damaged element of the fitted planting wall even years later.
Visual protection
Wind protection
fast and easy installation
special locking system
self-supported biotope
many design possibilities
10 years guarantee
economical solution
Made in Germany