Dura-Garden GmbH Dura-Garden GmbH
 Fence system Classic
Classic - a fence of classical beauty.
Dura-Garden Classic combines the beauty of a classical fence with all advantages of a modern material. Due to its solid, glass fibre reinforced plastic, Dura-Garden Classic is extremely resistant, weather-proof, easy care and environmentally friendly.
Dura-Garden Classic
All advantages at a glance

Its clear lines and beautiful classical appearance, Dura-Garden Classic integrates into all surroundings.

Be it a family home, a half-timbered house, a mansion or a modern bungalow, Dura-Garden Classic provides the decorative frame for your property.
solid, dimensionally stable
colour and light fast
easy care
no corrosion
Made-to-measure solution
easy installation
Made in Germany
Fence system Retro

Open sesame!

The Dura-Garden door smoothly opens, by finger-tip control. The company SUPEERO supplies the required „Open sesame“ for it. Actuators meeting highest quality requirements. Checked under the harshest conditions, proven in continuous application, as sturdy and durable as your Dura-Garden fence.
Fence system Retro